Passion & Purpose Training


Passion & Purpose Training


There are 8 archetypes that exist for our souls to express themselves in this life. We each have 4 - 3 passion archetypes and 1 talent archetype. 

By understanding your archetypes you'll be able to set up the projects in your life to create more happiness, love and success. 

In this workshop you'll receive:

-The tools needed to identify your archetypes 

-An understanding of your unique, personal flow

-Tools to remove the emotional blocks that stop you from taking action on your goals

-Tools to download resources from your archetypes

-A qualification to help others

-A lifetime membership to this program - allowing you to resit the course any time for FREE!

This program will run in Dallas (exact location TBD) on Jan 25 - 27, from 12.30pm - 8pm on the Friday and 10am - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Payment plans are available, contact me for more information at

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