Here is what my clients have had to say about working with me:

“Before I came to see Tiff I had a long term injury just returning through my rehab before coming back to play My decision to come see Tiff was based on experiences I have had as a player working really hard in every other aspect of my football but neglected my brain which is the most important thing I needed to improve.. learning to believe in myself and enjoy my football. In working with Tiff I learned different techniques to implement into my everyday routines to have more positive thoughts each day. Since working with Tiff I have managed to move into professional football full time football in Australia. I have a better mindset about being able to achieve my goals and playing at my best and still to this day I like to talk to Tiff for advice and keep improving.”

~Kaine Sheppard, Professional Football Player, Australia

“I was blessed to have Tiffany as my coach. She helped me clear out of a lot of my negative past that was causing me to keep dwelling on negative situations and unable to move forward in life. Tiffany takes a very caring and understanding approach which allowed me to be completely honest and trust her fully. 
When I had my first session with Tiffany I was completely broken with depression. I had lost my job, been through breast cancer and was struggling with my daughter who has OCD. I was completely lost. After 1 session with Tiffany I felt relieved. 

In working with Tiffany I have learned how to set boundaries, implement self-love and take care of myself first instead of putting everyone before me like I had always done. Tiffany is very knowledgeable in many areas and is very generous with sharing information. She gave great practical and actionable advice on how to heal my life. She identified and focused on the important issues. Tiffany's techniques come from a place of understanding.

I am now a lot more confident. I have set goals to make my life successful as well as establishing a great relationship with my kids. 

I highly recommend Tiffany as a life coach she has helped me get my life on track. I am truly thankful I met Tiffany.”

~Sharon M, Calgary, Canada

“Before I met Tiffany, I was a year into my Bachelor degree and had no real direction. 

I met Tiffany when I was doing an  internship and found some of the most valuable and educational experiences I had during this time was sessions I had with Tiffany. These discussions were focused on self love, goal setting, mindfulness, and most importantly understanding what it is that makes you happy and how to cut out the negativeness and stress in life. Tiffany helped me find my 'why?'. 

Through working with Tiffany, I learned to identify my true meaning for doing the things I do. What are the things in this world that I am truly passionate about and care for. I learned how to put things into perspective, to focus on the good in this world. But my most important lesson was to find what I love, and set out a short and long term plan on how to be successful while focusing on my passions. Tiffany helped me see things clearly. 

I have now began carving out a career I am passionate about - athletic development and basketball. I have made travelling a priority and I even spent time in Canada as a strength and conditioning coach. I have cut out things that were holding me back in my life and I now feel I have a clear vision, clear goals and positive mindset. I truly believe that I am where I am due to lessons that Tiffany game me. She knows how to educate and motivate and she really cares about what she does and who she works with. Thank you Tiffany!”

~Jake Heyen, WNBL Strength & Conditioning Coach; Melbourne, Australia

“There was some stuff that I thought that I had already worked through where still coming up and slowing me from reaching my goals. I had couple archetype sessions with Tiffany and they were incredible. After my sessions, I left feeling much lighter with more clarity. I also had more compassion towards myself which made it easier for me to let go. Tiff is incredible, whatever it takes to help make that breakthrough she will hold that safe space for you. I highly recommend working with Tiff.”

~Hafeez S, Toronto, Canada

“Tiffany really takes the time to listen and get to know about you. She gives you time to process through everything on your own and without feeling rushed. I highly recommend TiffanyToombs”

~Lisa N, Denver, CO.

“I've had a few coaching sessions with Tiffany and she has really helped me. I've attended a few of her workshops as well. She is an amazing coach and presenter with heaps of knowledge and a lovely energy.”

~Chantalle B, Melbourne, Aus

“Tiffany is a sensational coach. Intuitive, thoughtful and, as a result, I have seen real changes in my life after the sessions we have had.”

~Cathy Valentine, Coach

“My name is Simonne. I am 15 years old and was struggling with having OCD and anxiety. My mom and I were not getting along, we were constantly arguing. I was so sad and upset with myself because I love my mom and I didn’t want to fight with her all the time. But I didn’t know how to control my temper when I was upset, so I would take it all out on my mom. I didn’t want to do go to school and I would get extreme anxiety each morning, and when I got home I would go right to bed. Since meeting with Tiffany my mom and I have a fun, loving relationship and I enjoy going to school. My grades have excelled and I have my self-esteem back. Tiffany gave me the tools to use when my anxiety would come up. She also helped me plan out my high school courses that I need to take in order to be accepted in Vet School, which has always been my dream. I am thankful for Tiffany. Thanks for everything you have done for me.”

~Simmone M, Calgary, Canada

“I was only blessed with limited time with Tiff before she moved. Tiff facilitated the clearing out of some past based blocks for me that I didn’t even realise were limiting me.
The things I discovered about myself with Tiff were so far back in my blind spot I had completely forgotten about most of it.
Tiffany’s ways of being quite gentle and caring in approach had me trust her fully. Inside of this trust I was able to deeply and fully discover myself. Every time life took a perceived wrong turn I would binge. Over the decades the weight crept in. I’ve noticed that after one short session with Tiffany I have not needed to eat my endorphins as I don’t feel I need protection from past based perceived threats so much any more.
I never would have never seen these parts of me let alone accepted them without meeting you Tiffany! Thank you for setting me free!”

~Candice A, Coach

“Tiffany has a way with young people where she builds rapport easily and can connect with them to be able to produce great results in regards to their performance in sport, school and life in general.

The techniques she uses are cutting edge performance strategies that are very similar to the ones I use in my executive coaching practice and they work. I have sent my own teenager as well as recommended her to many friends who have children who need some support and coping and resilience techniques. Highly recommnded.”

~Carol Fox, Executive Coach & Director at Women's Sport Australia

“I started working with Tiff after attending a talk about her approach to meditation in 2016.  I was in the midst of a year seismic change in my life and I was so far into the woods that who knew if there were trees?  I didn’t. I had never gone so long without popping my head above the canopy to look at view and breathe that I felt compelled to get back in touch with her.

 Her coaching technique involves uses a meditative state to help you tackle things that your subconscious (in my case) has been ignoring.  They were not new issues, but were long unresolved.  The results of her style and technique were genuinely surprising and have broken through some deep, engrained patterns that have been holding me back.  We still continue working together to tidy up emotions as they pop up, thank goodness - because it’s been extraordinarily helpful.”

~Charlotte Webb, Global Manager; Movember Campaign

“I cannot say enough about how incredible Tiffany Toombs is. She is thoughtful, and wise, and incredibly gifted. My archetype session was really insightful, not only for learning more about who I am and how I can manifest and work with more alignment to how and why I do it, but also because I felt at ease, seen and invested in by Tiffany. It feels good to know that she comes from and works from an authentic place. I look forward to my time with Tiffany every time I see her, she is truly a beautiful person and coach.”

~Patricia R, Instagram Influencer & Founder of The Hell Yes Life

“She’s the absolute best, when it comes to selecting a coach, be selective, have standards. 

She’s what you expect and more, she’ll come at you from the left field while coaching you on the right, the Flash is ashamed of his speed when it comes to match against her thought processes. 

But at all high and mighty, you discover the most humble person, someone kind, knowledgeable, someone who’s been there in places like us, she’s an underdog, an alpha one. 

You discover that’s she’s easy to talk to and she gets it, she just gets people, because she’s been there... she already met the light at the end of the tunnel and now she is sharing that, that enlightens us. 

Like a friend would tell another, quit the drugs, hire a coach, be the success you sought out to be, and at all cost be unapologetically. 

Cheers to great success.”

~Zoe V, NYC, NY

“Tiffany is an amazing coach and trainer. Tiffany is knowledgeable in many areas, is very generous with sharing information. Tiffany is very intuitive, gentle and professional in all situations.”

~Ann Wood, Coach