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Do you wake up in the morning and feel like something is missing? 

Do you feel like there should somehow be more in life? 

It's time to uncover that gem hidden inside you and for you to start living your truth! 

In this 2.5-day workshop you will discover: 

-Exactly which beliefs are keeping you stuck or disempowered

-Your purpose and direction for this lifetime

-How your communication (to yourself and others) creates your world - both good and bad!

-How to overcome fear, self doubt and negative self talk FOR GOOD!

-Tools to live a happier, healthier, more empowered and successful life

-How to truly love yourself

Hundreds of people across the world have witnessed an incredible change in how they view their world simply by attending this workshop.

Join me at this 2 day mind-blowing workshop and take back your POWER and your life!

**Upgrade to VIP and you’ll get:

-A signed copy of my book - Stop Being A Selfish B!tch - A Comprehensive Guide To Living Your Best Life Through Radical Self Love

-1 year Limitless League membership ($564 value) where you’ll get access to:

  • An exclusive daily podcast to motivate and rewire your brain

  • A weekly group coaching session

  • Training videos

  • Monthly group rewiring call

  • 10% courses and programs

  • Lifetime referral commissions

Next workshop date:

Dallas - May 24 & 25 (1900 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX)

Houston - July 20 & 21 (9-5am, Norris Centers, 9990 Richmond Ave, Suite 102, Houston, TX.)

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