NLP Practitioner Training


NLP Practitioner Training


What do you want out of 2019? 

Do you want to stop procrastinating and get motivated? 

Be debt free and financially independent? 

Have the relationship of your dreams? 

Get your career on track, and find your purpose? 

Be pain and stress free, happy and healthy? 

Communicate, negotiate and influence effectively?

Have personal growth and tools to help others? 

Whatever you want in life, the key to profound and lasting change is to transform your thinking, emotions and behaviour.  

This 3 day program will show you how to become a better communicator, how to get along with anyone at any time, and tools to assist your work team, children, or clients reach their potential.

In this course you'll learn:

-How the conscious and unconscious mind store information

-The different ways people process and learn information 

-How to build rapport with individuals and in a group setting

-Sensory acuity

-How to rewire the brain to overcome limiting beliefs

-The power of the language we use on the unconscious mind

-How to collapse a negative trigger (ie. road rage)

-So much more!

Next course dates & locations:

> Dallas: Oct 15 - 17

> Bay Area, CA: Nov 15 - 17


**Payment plans are available, please contact me at for more information on this.**

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