Find Your True North


Find Your True North

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In today's rush of busy-ness and trying to keep up the with the Jones’, it can be easy to lose touch with ourselves. We're bombarded with magazines, TV shows and social media telling us how we should look, act and feel.

What if we stripped it all away? What would we be left with?

Our truest selves.

Our truth.

Our true north.

This 12 week guided online program is designed to reconnect you with the most important person in your life - YOU! You're the only person in your life that you can't break up with or walk away from, so why not start to finally and fully start to love yourself?

What the program entails:

  • A weekly video introducing you to a range of mindset & life concepts, tips and tricks to change your mindset and rewire your brain

  • 1 emotional clearing

  • A weekly 1 hour zoom call to discuss the obstacles you’re currently facing

  • Weekly emails with invitations to expand your thinking

  • Weekly meditations designed to help you tap into your self awareness, heal and grow

  • A private Facebook group for you to reach out for support 24/7

The program starts on Tuesday January 1, 2019.

There are only 10 spaces available.

Start your year on a high note!

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**Payment plans are available, please contact me at for more information on this.**

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