In this podcast you'll find tips from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, parents and health experts who have taken the leap in their life, as well as developing an awareness of the obstacles you'll face on your journey and how to overcome them!

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Take The Leap - Episode 1

Taking The Leap into living your best life isn't always easy...yet it's necessary to fulfil our potential and live a life of happiness, fulfilment, love and success!

Take The Leap With Cat Valentine

Today I interview Cat Valentine of Cat Valentine Coaching in Australia about her journey to taking the leap and following her passion!

Take The Leap - Episode 3

You’re the average of the people you hang out with. Is your environment inhibiting or promoting your growth?


Take The Leap With Marshall Lowy

In this episode we speak with Marshall Lowy of Lowy Consulting. Marshall found the lessons he learned in the gym during his days as an olympic lifter have helped him to "show up" and "put in the reps" when it came to taking the leap into the world of being an entrepreneur.