In this podcast you'll find tips from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners, parents and health experts who have taken the leap in their life, as well as developing an awareness of the obstacles you'll face on your journey and how to overcome them!

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Episode #1 - Why I Took The Leap

Taking The Leap into living your best life isn't always easy...yet it's necessary to fulfil our potential and live a life of happiness, fulfilment, love and success!

Episode #2 - Cat Valentine Takes The Leap

Today I interview Cat Valentine of Cat Valentine Coaching in Australia about her journey to taking the leap and following her passion!

Episode #3 - The Average

You’re the average of the people you hang out with. Is your environment inhibiting or promoting your growth?


Episode #4 - Marshall Lowy Takes The Leap

In this episode we speak with Marshall Lowy of Lowy Consulting. Marshall found the lessons he learned in the gym during his days as an olympic lifter have helped him to "show up" and "put in the reps" when it came to taking the leap into the world of being an entrepreneur. 

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Episode #5 -Attracting Money & Love

Are you unconsciously blocking yourself from receiving the money, love, clients and referrals that you want and need to take your business, relationships and life in general to the next level?

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Episode #6 - Patricia Russo Takes The Leap

In this episode we speak with Patricia Russo of The Hell Yes Life. Patricia is a Bhakti Yogi, author, and healer. Her niche is yogic branding, intentional living and mindful work, and she coaches with her heart forward. She is a traveler and content creator assisting entrepreneurs with their brand.

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Episode #7 -Be Your Own Hero

In order for us to truly live the life we desire, we need to realize that the hero of our journey is the person looking back at us in the mirror.

Stop waiting for someone else to save you!


Episode #8 -Alan Euschenburg Takes The Leap

Alan G. Eschenburg, co-founder of Belegenza was developed as a salon-oriented brand, created of natural ingredients to serve the needs of Alan’s private salon customers and his stringent natural health standards, after a health crisis that ended his platform artist career and almost his hairstyling career altogether.

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Episode #9 -Azohani Bernal Takes The Leap

Azohanie Bernal, formerly known as Nani, is the Owner of InPower Accountability Group based in South Florida where she and her 5 year old daughter live. She is a 24 year old Puerto Rican Colombian business owner who has overcome her past life of drugs, crime, and emotional abuse.

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Episode #10 -Nicolas Roman Takes The Leap

Young entrepreneur, magician, and motivational speaker, Nicolas Roman lives to inspire. He believes that every individual possesses the capacity to achieve every one of their wildest dreams, and supplies them the tools to do so.

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Episode #11 -Jason Priest Takes The Leap

Jason Priest, founder of Dad Bod Health, is often referred to as the Dad Bod Destroyer. He is a registered nurse, personal trainer, health coach and fitness nutrition specialist and is extremely passionate about health and wellness. Jason is on a mission to change the lives of 1,000,000 men so they can become the leaders of their family in every aspect.

Episode #12 -Take The Leap: Embracing Gratitude

This week Tiffany takes us on a journey on how looking through life with a lens of gratitude will open up the beliefs that create behaviours and opportunities so you really can have it all!

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Episode #13 - Jenna Monaco Takes The Leap

On this week's episode of Take The Leap, Tiffany sat down with Jenna Monaco, stress management coach and Founder of The Spark Intention podcast to discuss her journey and her leap into dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and the lessons she learned along the way.

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Episode #14 - Tony Whatley Takes The Leap

Tiffany Toombs interviews best-selling author, business consultant, and serial entrepreneur, Tony Whatley on this week’s episode of Take The Leap. Tony enjoys taking on the challenge of learning new things, and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves.

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Episode #15- Stop Being A Selfish B*tch

This week I’m issuing a challenge: I want you to STOP BEING A SELFISH BITCH!

And I mean that in the most loving way possible of course…


Episode #16 - Cesar R Espino Takes The Leap

Tiffany connects us with Cesar Espino on this week’s episode of Take The Leap. Cesar, is a real estate investor, a real estate investing mentor and consultant; and the author of the amazing book You Can Overcome Anything Even When The World Says No.