Spelling & Math Strategies for Kids


Spelling & Math Strategies for Kids


Is your child struggling to learn how to spell? 

Is memorising their timetables giving them grief? 

Often times it's not a matter of your child's intelligence, it's about how your child is attempting to store the information in their brains, and whether they can then easily access it in the classroom. 

The revolutionary technique I use to teach children how to spell and remember their timetables is by teaching them HOW their brain is wired, so they can store the information in the right file. By putting the information in the right area of the brain, the child can then access the information easily when they need to in the classroom. 

The child will begin to see results after their first session with me! 

How it works: 

-The first session is a 2 hour session - I use this time to determine how the child's brain is wired, then I teach the child how to use this information. The second half of this session is spent applying this information to their spelling or math's challenges. Please ensure at least one parent is present for this entire session, as I will teach the parent how to use the spelling strategy to assist their child to study. The words the child is currently learning to study will also need to be available. 

-The second session is a 1 hour follow up to make any adjustments that is needed to ensure the child is getting maximal results

Please note: in the event that the child requires more time to learn the strategy, I will add additional sessions in at no cost, however this is rarely the case!

The sessions can be completed at your home, or in my office (1210 8 St SW, Calgary). 


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