Money Matrix


Money Matrix


Do you want to "think and grow rich" but something seems to prevent you?

Are you sick of feeling like there is a glass ceiling that limits your income potential?

Have you ever watched yourself sabotage your own success, and wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why people who are not as smart or talented as you seem to be making more money? 

The key to making more money is by ensuring that the power of your unconscious mind is on your side. To do this we need to clear away any limiting beliefs you have about money, and align your values in order to create abundance.

In this two-hour focus group, I will show you a technique that will allow you to CHANGE the beliefs you currently have about money into beliefs that will allow you to create and receive more.

Bring a friend to the event and receive your ticket free! Tickets are only $37, spaces are limited so book your spot today!

This focus group will run in the Dave Marshall Room at the Inglewood Community Hall 1740 - 24 Ave SE on Wednesday Feb 28th from 7pm - 9pm

Please arrive by 6.45pm for registration. 

For the next week get your ticket for FREE by using code SHOWMETHEMONEY

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