Mindful Women OC - Mass Meditation Vendor


Mindful Women OC - Mass Meditation Vendor


There is a divine beauty that exists when women come together to support each other. And that is what this event is all about - creating a safe space for women to come together to heal, grow, feel empowered and set intentions.

This meditation is scheduled in line with the new moon - a powerful time for setting intentions for the next monthly / lunar phase. 

Our first quarterly mass meditation event will take place on Monday April 23rd in Huntington Beach. The evening will feature a range of meditations, including a guided visualisation meditation and a sound bath, as well as time to meet like-minded women in the area and check out the products offered by our vendors.

No meditation experience is required, we've planned the event to be friendly to anyone, regardless of their spiritual, religious or mindfulness experience. 

Vendor spaces are limited so book now! 

Vendors will be able to arrive and set up from 6pm. 


Monday April 23, set up 6pm, 7pm - 9pm Mass Meditation

Huntington Beach - exact location TBA


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