Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind | A Conversation with Tiffany Toombs (A Survivor's Guide To Thriving | Mark Jewell Podcast)

How do the beliefs you developed in childhood continue to impact you today – in your career, relationships and beyond? That’s what Mark is digging into with this week’s podcast guest. Tiffany Toombs is the owner of Blue Lotus Mind and, through her work and business, she is on a mission to inspire men, women and children from around the world to reconnect and love themselves, unconditionally – from the inside out. Her passions and expertise include fitness and nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, and a variety of coaching techniques (including archetypal, emotional and negative influences, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)).

In this episode, Mark and Tiffany talk about:

  • The breakdown that led to Tiffany’s breakthrough

  • The relationship between information coming into our brains vs. what our conscious/subconscious actually processes

  • Why the subconscious mind is like a garden

  • What Tiffany means when she says “Perspective is projection.”

  • How we can start rewiring our subconscious to overcome old beliefs and unhelpful wiring that could be holding us back

  • …and more!

Sometimes the biggest roadblock to breaking out of survival mode is getting over our own inner workings. This conversation will give you some tools to start doing just that. Enjoy!

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