Stop Engaging in Destructive Behavior (Financial Gravity)

Tiffany Toombs is the Founder and Director of Blue Lotus, a company dedicated to helping people overcome their limiting beliefs that hold them back, and author of the book Stop Being a Selfish Bitch. She helps people stop self-sabotaging and gives them the tools to rewire their brains and live their best life. On this episode, she explains more about why people engage in such self-destructive behavior and how neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help people frame their experiences differently and push past their own limiting beliefs. Tune in to find out more!

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 Key Takeaways:

[:18] John introduces his guest for this episode — Tiffany Toombs

[1:14] Where did the name Blue Lotus come from?

[3:01] What kind of approach does Tiffany adopt — therapeutic or coaching?

[4:06] John shares a personal anecdote of when his COO had to stage an intervention to help him stop engaging in destructive behavior. Tiffany explains how this is quite a common occurrence.

[9:16] One of the things that hold us back in life is our identities.

[13:34] Focus on the activities that make you happy.

[15:19] John gives a shout out to SmartVault.

[17:24] What is NLP and why should people know about it?

[20:39] Instead of treating the symptom, Tiffany aims to address the root cause and core problem that results in the symptoms.

[21:57] Tiffany explains a little more about “rewiring” the brain — it’s all about perception, particularly of failure.

[27:15] Tiffany’s company, Blue Lotus Mind, covers a wide array of topics.

[28:34] Tiffany’s book is titled How to Stop Being a Selfish Bitch. She explains more about the inspiration behind it.

[32:36] John and Tiffany discuss the word ‘selfish’ and how it ties in with living your best life.

[39:02] Societal norms don’t always reflect what reality should be.

[42:04] Get your copy of Tiffany’s book on Amazon and check out her work by visiting her website.


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