Passion & purpose Coaching

dallas, tx | Nov 30 - Dec 2

Imagine if you held your own personal blueprint for creating success, love & happiness in your life. Imagine if you could set up projects to be in your own personal flow. 

Passion & Purpose Training teaches you how to identify your personal archetypes and shows you how you can goal set and take action to create more of what you want!


Boss Babes Summit

Dallas | May 2019

Consider this the ultimate LADIES DAY with surprises around every corner to show you just how powerful you can be!


NLP Practitioner training

dallas, tx | Jan 11 - 17

What do you want out of 2019? 

Whatever you want in life, the key to profound and lasting change is to transform your thinking, emotions and behaviour.  

Discover how to reprogram your brain to create the life you truly want, simply and easily!