Mini habits to soothe your child's anxiety

Written By: Amberlee Lovell


Every child experiences it, but most don't know how to handle it.

He was 5 years old, and he still couldn't use the toilet. This was a daily struggle for my cousin and her little boy as they tried everything they could think of to get him potty trained. It was months and months of searching for solutions. And although there ended up being multiple factors in why this was such a challenge for him, along the way my cousin discovered a surprising factor they hadn't expected: her little boy had anxiety.

Every child will experience anxiety to some extent, and the effects of it can pop up in surprising ways. Watching a scary movie and going to school for the first time are enough to give everyone a dose of it. But about one in eight children experience anxiety disorders. If you suspect your child has an anxiety disorder, you'll want to seek professional help. But for smaller times when you sense your child's anxiety building, specialists recommend these mini habits to help you all calm down together.

Mindset coach Tiffany Toombs suggests battling anxiety by being present together. "Anxiety represents a situation where the child is living too far in the future and has disconnected from the present. Creating a daily mindfulness routine to do as a family can teach the child and 'rewire' their nervous system to stay in the present," she said.